Pranking the phisher.

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Yesterday I received one of those fake Microsoft calls. I decided to have a little fun.

Phisher: Hello Sir, it's ImpossibleToUnderstandName from Microsoft. We noticed that you accidentally downloaded a suspicious file and would like to help you recover your pc. Is that OK?

Me (being on a Macbook): Sure.

Phisher: Ok, Sir, please can you tell me what you see on your screen sir?

Me: I see a videocall.

Phisher: Ok, Sir, can you please minimize this and go back to your normal screen sir?

Me: Done.

Phisher: OK, Sir, before we continue, can you please tell me what you mainly use this computer for?

Me: Sure. I mainly use it to surf to gay porn.

Phisher: ...

Phisher: Are you kidding me sir?

Me: No sir, I'm dead serious. I mainly use this computer to surf to gay porn.

Phisher: *click*

Don't think I'll be hearing them back again soon.

Disclaimer: I'm in IT since 20 years, so I knew what I was doing and would never blindly do what anyone tells me to do.
Disclaimer 2: To each his own, but I'd never watch gay porn. I just judged from his accent this would be offending to him.