Pranking the phisher.

Door MtC op vrijdag 17 april 2020 08:49 - Reacties (15)
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Yesterday I received one of those fake Microsoft calls. I decided to have a little fun.

Phisher: Hello Sir, it's ImpossibleToUnderstandName from Microsoft. We noticed that you accidentally downloaded a suspicious file and would like to help you recover your pc. Is that OK?

Me (being on a Macbook): Sure.

Phisher: Ok, Sir, please can you tell me what you see on your screen sir?

Me: I see a videocall.

Phisher: Ok, Sir, can you please minimize this and go back to your normal screen sir?

Me: Done.

Phisher: OK, Sir, before we continue, can you please tell me what you mainly use this computer for?

Me: Sure. I mainly use it to surf to gay porn.

Phisher: ...

Phisher: Are you kidding me sir?

Me: No sir, I'm dead serious. I mainly use this computer to surf to gay porn.

Phisher: *click*

Don't think I'll be hearing them back again soon.

Disclaimer: I'm in IT since 20 years, so I knew what I was doing and would never blindly do what anyone tells me to do.
Disclaimer 2: To each his own, but I'd never watch gay porn. I just judged from his accent this would be offending to him.


Door Tweakers user Deakers, vrijdag 17 april 2020 09:23

pity, such short prank.
try to hold the line a bit longer next time O-)

Door Tweakers user Spiff, vrijdag 17 april 2020 13:33

^^what he said.
You really shoud try harder.
Keep him busy for at least 5 minutes or so.
You're saving other people's lifes money!

Door Tweakers user i-chat, vrijdag 17 april 2020 19:38

"i use it to photoshop nude pictures of my whife (mumble and children).... "

but otherwise great prank!

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Door Tweakers user Skyrunner, zaterdag 18 april 2020 09:38

Try and find James Veitch on Youtube.

Guy's a genius at pranks like these.

Door Tweakers user Harm_H, zaterdag 18 april 2020 22:18

Lekker bezig :)

Deze Nederlander (+ kennissen) heeft na een lange periode van scammer trollen nu 1 miljoen dollar gerefund aan scammer slachtoffers:

Door Tweakers user PetervdM, zondag 19 april 2020 09:31

once i had a guy from "m$" on the phone.
told him i had an old computer, got it from my son. an old one, running w98.
he continued, told me to start it up, took allegedgly 8 minutes or so.
he: press windows key + r,
me: windows key? what is that?
he: on the left on the bottom what do you see?
me: ctrl, alt, space
he: no other key?
me: no.
so he navigated me to IE and "convinced" me to start it and go to a specific web site.
me; i will loose this phone conversation, because i have to fire up my modem.
he: modem? do you have an other internet connection, a cell phone perhaps?
me: no, this is the old stuff of my son.
all in all i kept him busy for 15 minutes .....

Door Tweakers user Pietervs, zondag 19 april 2020 10:59

I usually start a chat about their family.
Then if they tell me they have children, I ask them how they can explain to their children that they are earning their money through theft...

Quite often they hang up after that. There was one guy that tarted complaining that he couldn’t get an education. So I told him there are plenty of courses in IT available on YouTube and he could follow these in order to get certified. He was very quiet after that, mumbled he'd look into it and then hung up the phone...

Door Harvey2Face, maandag 20 april 2020 13:54

Look up Kitboga on YouTube or Twitch if you want to see the next level of trolling these scammers

Door Tweakers user MdBruin, maandag 20 april 2020 17:31

it's a good practice to keep them bussy so they cannot make another victim.
Unfortunatelly they don't call me but my father sometimes gets one, I have learned him to hang up the phone when someone calls in English and tells him that they are from Microsoft.

Door ernie, maandag 20 april 2020 18:06

I don't always have the time to keep those guys busy, but one time I was able to hold on to one for more than half an hour. He was trying to get me to log in as administrator so he could 'help' me remove the unwanted software I had on my pc :)

After about 40 minutes he got desparate and asked me something like: 'if you need to install things on your computer, how do you log in!?' (read this with an indian accent ;)

'Oh', I replied, 'Is that what you mean? Then I need to use root....'


'Hello? You still there?'

Door Tweakers user Sterk1, maandag 20 april 2020 20:58

Ik zeg dat ik even mijn computer er bij ga pakken en leg de telefoon vervolgens in de vensterbank
(Hoeveel Engelstalige lezers denk je nu echt te hebben ..........)

Door Tweakers user fockarty, maandag 20 april 2020 22:11

Ik heb mijn jongste aangeleerd om pizza te bestellen, niks mooier dan een mannetje van toen 8 in het Engels pizza besteld bij zo een fake m$ figuure

Door Tweakers user basvandesande, woensdag 22 april 2020 21:55

I once kept them really busy as well the guy hang up. 5 minutes later he called me again to yell at me: Sir you're an asshole! then he hang up and I never heard anything again.

my recipe:

1. Start responding with the same indian accent...
2. Tell them to wait because you have to start your computer etc... then put down the phone for 2 minutes etc
3. start repeating their commands... e.g. Start your windows machine... reponse: Ok I start my chromebook.. Click on the internet explorer icon. response; Is that the the icon with Google Chrome below...
Go to page Response: ok will do...
enter your emailaddress... Response : ok I enter my emailadress


That costed him at least 10 minutes ... love it

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