Customer service the way it should be

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Let me first say I wrote this post in English, as I want the concerned people to be able to read it as well.

In June last year, I saw a nice leather messenger bag on Ibood. Because I didn't have my credit card at hand at that time, and got home only after midnight, I wasn't able to order it. 2 Days later my wife asked me what to buy me for my birthday in July. I showed her the bag, and she told me to go ahead and order it. So I used some Googlefu and found a shop offering the dbramante1928 messenger bag I wanted, and I ordered it.

Flash forward one year later. I had 2 minor issues with the bag. One of the hinges connecting the shoulder strap with the eye on the bag itself wore out, so I couldn't use it that way anymore. I could still use the belt, but it wouldn't turn. The other issue was that one of the closing magnets slid down inside the lining, so the bag wouldn't stay shut anymore. Both minor issues, but annoying none the less, so I decided to ask the reseller what my options were.

But... where did I buy the bag? I completely forgot, and I couldn't retrieve any emails on the subject. After searching for 2 days I gave up and decided to contact dbramante1928 directly. I sent them a nice mail, explaining the issues, the fact that I couldn't retrieve any mail and therefore couldn't show them any receipt either. I also told them I really liked the bag.

Half an our later I received a very polite mail asking if I could send some pictures of the 2 issues. I did this immediately after and 15 minutes later, I received a second mail asking for my home address and phone number. They would arrange for a replacement.

Long story short: a few days later a brand new messenger bag arrived, and they didn't even want the old bag back. I guess dbramante1928 really understands a happy customer is the greatest advertisement.